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We congratulate on your pregnancy, we are more then happy to care for you and your future child

If you think you are pregnant or might be pregnant, we encourage you to obtain urine pregencny test. Most of the local pharmacies do offer them and they don’t require prescriptions.


You encouraged to seek obstetrical visit at least 

Typical Schedule of the visits as follows

  • Between Weeks 6-10 - every 2 weeks

-Blood work

-Urine sample 


  • Between Weeks 10-30 - every 4 weeks

Specifical ultrasound to identify developing structures of the babay

Blood work to screen for any genetic abnormalities

-glucose challenge test

  • Between Weeks 30-36 - every 2 weeks

Blood work

If doctor deems necessary additional ultrasound may be done

  • After week 36 - every week.​

What to expect during your initial visits:

Routine Blood pressure

Urine samples

Ultrasound transvaginal or transabdominal to make sure that the the baby in the right spot (your uterus)

We are affiliated with Richmond Univ. Medical center and primarily deliver at this facility. If you would like to have more information about the hospital please visit following link

RUMC has all necessary services to provide you and your baby with most satisfying child birthing experience. Private rooms and lactation specialist are available to provide most fitting bonding for the mothers and their newborns. 

Dr. Olga Kheyson is experienced5laborist and will do her best to assure safe arrival of your child to this world. She will be with you at all steps of pregnancy and will guide through all steps of labor. As she strives for natural coming of your baby, she is ready to face unexpected. She is skilled in C-section (cesarean deliveries) will make sure that mommy and baby are well and healthy.  





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