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Frequently asked questions


I N F O IF YOU HAVE A SUNBURN OR A HEALING SUNBURN. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR DEPOSIT AND WILL NOT BE TATTOOED THAT DAY !!! SCHEDULE Tomas's schedule is from Monday to Friday. Full day sit appointments are from 11:00 AM to around 6:00 PM and half day sits for smaller pieces are from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM ,include the tattoo preparation, the tattoo itself, breaks, lunch and final treatment. Tomas answers all requests, whether the answer is positive or negative -Can you draw something up for me so I can see it ahead of time ? No, design will be created right on the session! -How should I prepare for my tattoo? It’s always important to have a quality night’s sleep, a proper breakfast and a shower before your appointment. Surely, you want to feel good and comfortable for the whole process to go smoothly. You should also wear comfortable clothing so the area where the tattoo will be done can be easily accessible. It’s also good to bring some food/ snacks and drinks with you. Having snacks ready to eat, especially for long sittings are a plus! If you’d like to distract yourself while you’re getting your tattoo done, please feel free to bring e.g. book, iPod, iPad, etc. ON THE DAY OF YOUR SESSION Be punctual for your appointment. In case of the delay, call the number 07568624244. Then you’ll be given 30 minutes and after this time our session will be considered as cancelled and your deposit will be forfeited. Upon arrival at the first appointment, you will discuss your project with Tomas to begin building the design so each client will have a one of a kind tattoo. This will be done through Procreate app and Photoshop so you will have a visual of the final result on your body. It is important to remain open-minded to ideas in order to leave creativity to Tomas. Keep in mind, that the time spent on tattoo itself may vary, depending on the time spent for creating the design, which is all part of the process. In case of bigger projects set for more sessions, more time is left for tattooing on other sessions, as the design is already completed.


Is my deposit refundable ? Deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE !!! If the project is selected you will receive an email with deposit request and date for the appointment. On demand is possible to modify the date I have sent you. I require a £100 deposit and your appointment date is not secured until a deposit is received. If you wish to rearrange your appointment, you’ll need to contact me 96 hours at the latest, before the beginning of your appointment. If you will not do so in the mentioned time period, your deposit will expire. The deposit will be deducted off from the price you pay on the day of your appointment.


I require cash payments firstly; if it is necessary I can accept bank transfer or Paypal.