Finding the right type of contraception for your needs and your lifestyle can be overwhelming. Because many types of modern contraception options are over 99% effective, the team at Kheyson MD spend time educating you about different types of contraception and help you select the best kind for your body. Book your contraception evaluation at this Annadale, Staten Island, New York, practice by clicking on the online scheduling feature. You can also call the office to book your appointment.

Contraception Q & A

Which type of contraception is most effective?

One of the oldest and most commonly used types of contraception is the birth control pill. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with the pill, in order for it to be most effective — up to 91% — you need to take it at the same time every day. This can be a challenge for you to fit into your already busy schedule. 

Modern types of contraception require little to no effort on your part and are sometimes more effective than the pill. You might want to consider the:

  • Intrauterine device, or IUD (99% effective)
  • Birth control implant (99% effective)
  • Birth control patch (91% effective)
  • Birth control shot (94% effective)

Or if your family is complete, it may be time to talk with your OB/GYN about permanent birth control solutions, like having your tubes tied (tubal ligation). 

How do I get started on contraception?

Spending time to find the right type of contraception for your unique needs is an important decision. Not only do you need to think about pregnancy prevention, but you also have to consider comfort, ease of use, and sexually transmitted disease (STD) protection. 

The best way to determine which type of contraception is going to be ideal for you is to come into Kheyson MD for an exam — you can include this as part of your well-woman exam. Your dedicated OB/GYN performs a comprehensive evaluation, which may include a pelvic exam or STD testing. 

After sitting and talking with you about your personal health and sexual history, your OB/GYN counsels you on different types of birth control. They help you make an informed decision regarding your choice of contraception. 

When does contraception start working?

Many types of hormonal birth control options, including the pill, shot, or implant, are effective right away or within a few days, as long as you start your contraception within the five to seven days of the start of your period (depending on the formulary). Otherwise, you may need to use a backup form of birth control, such as a male condom, for several weeks. 

Certain IUDs, like copper IUDs, are effective immediately. When you come into Kheyson MD for your contraception evaluation, talk with your OB/GYN about when your birth control is going to be fully effective at protecting you from unwanted pregnancy. 

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