Before, during, and after pregnancy, a good obstetrician can make all the difference. You need — and deserve — an ally who walks through this pivotal season of life with you. And you’ll find it at Kheyson MD. From the comfort of their Annadale, Staten Island, New York, office, the Kheyson MD team offers a wide range of supportive pregnancy care. To learn more, call the office or schedule a visit online.

Pregnancy Q & A

Do I need to do anything before pregnancy?

While plenty of women don’t prepare for pregnancy and bring healthy babies into the world, doing some prep work can make your pregnancy easier. Kheyson MD offers preconception care to help you prepare your body for pregnancy. That includes eating nutritiously, ensuring you’re not taking any medications that could be dangerous for your baby, getting the necessary vaccinations, and making lifestyle adjustments as needed. 

What do I do once I get pregnant?

If you think or know you’re pregnant, don’t hesitate to schedule your appointment at Kheyson MD so you can confirm your pregnancy and get started with prenatal care. This is medical care that’s designed to help you have a happy, healthy pregnancy. 

If you’re experiencing a normal pregnancy, Kheyson MD recommends that you have a prenatal appointment once a month during your first and second trimesters. Then, they increase the frequency of your appointments to once per week or once every two weeks during the final stages of your pregnancy.

If you have a high-risk pregnancy, however, your appointments will be more frequent so the Kheyson MD team can help you manage your risk and avoid complications.

What happens at prenatal appointments?

During each prenatal appointment, your Kheyson MD obstetrician performs a physical exam — which includes checking your and your baby’s weight — and any other necessary tests to ensure your baby is growing healthily. Kheyson MD offers in-office ultrasounds so you can see your baby as they grow, too. 

You also have the opportunity to discuss your pregnancy with your obstetrician at each appointment. They can answer any questions you might have so you can rest easy knowing your pregnancy is normal. They also help you know what to expect in each successive phase of your pregnancy. 

What should I be eating during pregnancy?

Eating healthily during your pregnancy is essential to give your baby the nutrients needed to grow. It’s also important to stay away from potentially dangerous food and drinks, like uncooked seafood, alcohol, deli meats, and excessive caffeine. Your Kheyson MD practitioner helps you develop a nutritional plan so you can give your body and your baby the essential nutrients while steering clear of hazards. 

The Kheyson MD team is also available to guide you regarding medications, so you know which are safe to take during your pregnancy. 

What happens when I give birth?

Your preconception and prenatal care lay the foundations of your relationship with your Kheyson MD practitioner. That way, you feel comfortable with them when it comes time to deliver your baby into the world. 

Kheyson MD offers both vaginal births and cesarean (C-sections). Additionally, they offer postpartum care so once your baby is born, you still have a source of support and health guidance. 

Whether you want to get pregnant or are pregnant, the expert staff at Kheyson MD is ready to support you, so you can enjoy a healthy pregnancy. Call the office or schedule your appointment online.