An internal medicine doctor (internist) is your go-to practitioner as an adult. Whether you’re due for an annual exam, need certain screenings, or have an injury or illness, the leading internists at Kheyson MD in Annadale, Staten Island, New York, can help. Book your internal medicine appointment online or call the clinic directly to speak with a team member.

Internal Medicine Q & A

What is internal medicine? 

Internal medicine is a branch of medicine that focuses on adult health care — patients are 18 and over. Your dedicated internist has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating conditions that affect you at various life stages. An internal medicine provider offers:

  • Preventive care
  • Routine screenings 
  • Immunization and vaccine updates
  • Treatment for acute or chronic conditions

Your internal medicine doctor is the center of your health care team. They’re the provider you check in with first anytime you need to see a specialist, so they get to know your entire health history. 

Why do I need to see an internist?

Building a relationship with a trusted internist is an important part of your health and well-being, even if you’re generally healthy and never seem to get sick. They can ensure you remain in good health and work to prevent chronic diseases.

The internal medicine practitioners at Kheyson MD generally recommend coming in once a year for an annual exam. During these visits, your internist may:

  • Talk with you about your personal and family medical history
  • Evaluate your medications and make any changes
  • Provide vaccines, such as a flu shot
  • Conduct blood or urine testing
  • Perform a physical exam
  • Treat illnesses or injuries 

These preventive care steps can help you stay in optimal health and can allow your dedicated internist to intervene early on if something is abnormal. 

Outside of routine exams and sick visits, if you have a chronic condition like diabetes or high cholesterol, your internist could recommend coming in several times a year to help you manage your condition and lower your risk of serious complications. 

How do I prepare for an internal medicine appointment?

To ensure you get the most out of your visit with your dedicated internist at Kheyson MD, there are a few things you can do to prepare. For instance, it’s helpful to:

  • Request medical records from your prior primary care physician
  • Write down all of your prescription and over-the-counter medications
  • Fast for several hours beforehand, if recommended for certain types of blood testing

You should also make a list of any questions or medical concerns you may have so you can address them with your internal medicine provider during your exam. 

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