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Olga Kheyson


Women's Health


Welcome to Kheyson Medical

I would like to welcome you to my practice. Before Our encounter, let me tell you few words about myself. I consider myself a native Staten Islander, since I live and practice in the borough of parks. I have graduated from College of Staten Island, and completed medical School at beautiful Island of Cayman. I have pursued residency in OBGYN at Brooklyn Hospital, Brooklyn, NY. At Brooklyn hospital I was exposed to various degree of medical and surgical complexities in women’s health. This unique experience has enabled me to better understand evolving and often unique needs of female health.

Here at Kheyson Medical, I am dedicated at providing best medical care that you deserve. As a mother, daughter, and granddaughter, I understand that every woman of every age has her unique and often intimate gynecological needs. Once we meet, I hope to help you to resolve health concerns and to achieve wellbeing that you strive.

My scope of practice is not limited to gynecology but has great focus on Obstetrics. As an obstetrician and a mother (I have two beautiful girls), I understand that pregnancy is a cherished moment. Here at Kheyson medical I promise to do my best at providing top notch care that you and your baby need. Together we will work to ensure safe and smooth arrival of your child to this world.

I am looking forward meeting you, does not matter how small or big your health concerns is. 

I wish you strong health and longevity.


Sincerely Dr. Olga Kheyson

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